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Upgrade Your Job Skills
The Home Support Attendant Certificate Program prepares students for challenging and fulfilling work as care providers of individuals in communities and care facilities. Students will learn the various skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary in the health care industry. The HSA certificate will make you well-prepared to meet the complex and diverse health care needs of patients and clients.

Begin your path to a rewarding and challenging career in the Health Care industry! Enroll in our Home Support Attendant Certificate Program today. Our 2-month part time courses (modules) will begin soon.

Respected Internationally
Care Plus Home & Health Services is an established Home Care Management Agency. Our internationally recognized program, taught and supervised by qualified and experienced instructors, includes classroom lectures, demonstrations, and a comprehensive practicum. Graduates are in high demand and the HSA certificate will enable you to thrive in a demanding profession.

What Students Are Saying:
“One of the Best Home Support Attendant Programs available today! I was able to find a job in the health care industry one week after I graduated!”
Jennifer Lee, HSA Graduate

Program Highlights
Our Program Curriculum includes the following topics, all of which
would be covered after completion of the specified modules.

1. Responsibilities Of The Home Support Attendant
2. Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills
3. Diseases: Signs, Symptoms, Treatments And Special Care
4. Personal Care Skills For Home Support
5. Food Preparation And Food Management Skills
6. Ethical And Legal Issues
7. Health And Healing: Concepts For Practice
8. Family Health
9. Caring For The Aged
10. Postnatal Care Skills
11. St. Johns Ambulance Safety Training
12. Comprehensive Practicum

Tuition For Each Course/Module:
CAD$950.00 plus applicable taxes. Includes: Textbook and Materials, Comprehensive Practicum, Course Completion Certificate.
Tuition Fees are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact our office for the latest information.